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I Am...Bible Lessons
I Am...Bible Lessons
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The focus of the first week of Unit one is God creation of Man.   There are three different
daily lessons for this week,each of them building upon each other so you might find it more
helpful to start with the first. Children will learn that God has not only designed them, but he
has done so in his image!  What a blessing and gift to mirror the image of God.
Overview       Week 2
God Creates Man: Day 1
The first day's lesson
introduces children to
God's creation, focusing
on his design for
mankind, and how we're
created in his image.
God Creates Man: Day 2
The second daily lesson
invites children to think
about the design of our
bodies, why God placed
certain parts where they
are, and what that
purpose might be.
God Creates Man Day 3
The final lesson in this
weeks theme focuses on
the Fall of Mankind.  
Children will learn what
it means to obey, and
what happens when we
Overview       Week 2